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2020 in Review: The Ann Donahue Foundation

I have my own charitable foundation, which sounds terribly fancy — so I should probably clarify: I have my own charitable foundation which is a giving account that is run by Fidelity Charitable so I don't have to do any of the administration or paperwork. This is not some gazillion dollar family affair full of inherited wealth; in fact, my balance is usually a couple hundred bucks because the fees pack a little bit of a sting.

That being said, it does allow me to invest the money in both domestic and international sustainable and environmental impact funds, and the process to give grants is very simple. Overall, I think it is a win, although sometimes I do go directly to non-profits when I donate instead of operating through my Foundation to avoid the rigamarole of funding the account and then granting money from it.

In 2020, the organizations I donated to were:

Looking at this list, I see that it is all rather horribly self-centered; these are all organizations that have impacted the life of me or my family in one way or another. Yes, it's my own charitable foundation, and I'm personally grateful for the work these groups have done — but I think I need to expand my reach in 2021.

I also donated to Neighborhood's Share the Plate Committee, which aggregates donations from the congregation for a number of local charities. More on that tomorrow!

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