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Watch This: "Kiss the Ground"

There are two things that you will learn about in watching "Kiss the Ground": One is about the carbon cycle, and how using restorative farming techniques will help ease the threat from climate change. The other thing you will learn is about how movies get made.

The farming element of "Kiss the Ground" is compelling and educational; I attended a presentation from the Kiss the Ground non-profit before the pandemic, so the film served as a little bit of a refresher.

Some critics have been disconcerted by the number of celebs that are featured in the film — but honestly, who cares? I want Tom Brady to lose as much as the next sports fan, but none of the famous people segments seem out of place, and it definitely will serve to draw attention to the film, the non-profit, and the issues it raises. Sure enough, most of the featured celebrities get producer credits — and that's fine! Welcome to how movies are made! There's a lot of dealmaking that goes into getting something on screen, and there's a lot of celeb involvement in the L.A. non-profit world. So be it.

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