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Harvest Village Ministries

Over the past couple months I've had the pleasure of working with Harvest Village Ministries and Jericho Road Pasadena to provide editorial content for their website. Pastor Charles Myles and his wife, HVM Director of Operations Myhisha Myles, were kind and accommodating partners in this project, providing me with contracts, interviews, and all the resources I needed. It was also my first project with Jericho Road, which works to link up volunteers with non-profits in need with our community, and I pretty much hit the jackpot because that, too, was a seamless experience.

In a week of profound and necessary upheaval, I was reminded of something Myhisha said to me during the course of the project: “We do love to start out with love,” she said. “I have to love my neighbor as myself. I have to know how to love myself effectively and correctly love my neighbor.” Wise words, indeed.

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